Build Data Pipelines with AI

Use AI to find join keys, write custom filters, and document transforms from input to output.

llog runs your data stack

Help engineers build intuition and pipelines in minutes

Data Wrangling

Merge data from siloed sources with AI.

Data Lineage

Out of the box documentation: track the lineage of changes and transforms visually.

Custom Dashboards

Turn data to insights with natural language.

Pipeline Performance

Performance metrics and demand-based workload scaling.

Version Control

No more slacking SQL queries.
Pull, modify and roll back pipelines in one-click.

Anomaly Detection

Real time data quality dashboards & anomaly detection.

Data Pipelines that Write Themselves

As a data-centric and AI platform, we help you programmatically generate repetitive pipeline code in just a few prompts.

1 Sec Operation - Dark X Webflow Template

30% Less Time on Software Engineering

Stop wasting time on repetitive software tasks. Build DAGs with AI to get to the answer faster.

No Commissions - Dark X Webflow Template

Data-Centric Flexibility

Support up to 5 types of data. Our AI understands the semantics of your data. Modify the pipeline code with great flexibility.

Build Your Intuition Faster

AI tools to help you understand the data before building the full pipeline.

Saving Account - Dark X Webflow Template

Convenient Scripting and Visualizations

Ask the AI questions to visualize features in the data with no-code / low code

Real Time Trading - Dark X Webflow Template

Work with your data storage solutions

From snowflake endpoints to machine learning data on the cloud, we support 6+ types of storage solutions

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What is llog? Why do I need it?
How does LLog determine how to merge data? Can I customize the merging logic?
What metrics are used to measure pipeline performance?
Is there support for predictive analytics to prevent future anomalies?
Can I customize the thresholds for what is considered an anomaly?